Texas Industrial Rubber and Gasket

RAGCO (Rubber and Gasket Company) is the centralized volume-purchasing arm for its 60+ affiliated member companies coast-to-coast.  RAGCO negotiates volume pricing and annual contracts with vendors making it one of the largest rubber and gasket suppliers of its type in the United States.  Each RAGCO affiliate focuses on stocking items that are in demand by the customer base in their local market, a significant benefit for those industries.
As a representative of the 60+ member group, Texas Industrial Rubber and Gasket Company has become a trusted premier supplier of industrial rubber and gaskets since 1996.  We offer custom-tailored services to a broad range of industrial applications and operate out of a centralized warehouse in San Antonio, Texas.  With decades of experience and over 60+ affiliates nationwide, we offer our customers volume pricing and quality products with the local service you trust.

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